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Precision Prospecting

Our consumer and business marketing lists are opt-in, hygiened regularly, and guaranteed to get you in touch with your target audience. You’ve spent countless hours crafting an effective marketing message – why throw that effort away on a suboptimal consumer or business list? Data is our art – we have the solution. We specialize in building custom targeted consumer and business marketing lists that will bypass the spam filters, maximize your investment, and make you money.

The Right Strategy Makes All the Difference

Have A Special Project That Requires a Unique Audience?

Let Us Create It For You.

Simply send us the details of your offer or promotion, and we’ll utilize our in-house data and marketing intelligence to create a custom “Data Card” for you. With your custom “Data Card”, you will have the road-map you need to create the ideal data list for your project or campaign.

Use Geofencing to Increase ROI.

Get In Front of Your Audience Where Ever
They Are with advanced GeoFencing.

Geo-LIFT enabled marketing campaigns are built on combining Geo-Fencing Marketing technology and mobile advertising with our premium in-house data and award winning direct marketing services. Geo-LIFT leverages the over 100M Active Mobile Devices reachable within the U.S. – experience near 100% Household Penetration for your digital ads and a 28% Lift in Audience Acquisition.

Location-based device Marketing is one of the best ways to drive performance and increase engagement. Ask us how GEO-Lift can help grow your business.

About Us

For over 17 years, we've been providing our customers expertly aggregated, highly-curated, consumer and business data in order to build custom, ultra-targeted, and effective prospecting lists. We have pioneered strategic ways to navigate the world of multi-channel marketing and offer our clients numerous ways to get the most out of their marketing budget. By blending tactics and keeping our customers message in front of their customers, we've been able to increase audience acquisition and optimize ROI.